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Lightbulbcopy | Storytelling Marketing English

Shine bright
in their minds

—and get' em fired up with flamin' hot desire


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Will your message fade into Oblivion Land, lost to frantic scrolls, weary yawns and jaded eye rolls…


...or grab eyes and blow minds with the force of a flashlight?  

When you’ve got brilliant offers and kickass products to sell, it’s painfully unfair to see their glow fade and your sales derailed — 

— all because of those ‘magic’ words you haven’t quite nailed yet:


*COPY, my friend*

woman with laptop and speech bubbles above her head
falling man on strings

In this Vast, Wild Web of cluttered feeds, cryptic bots, and speeding eyeballs, even the brightest entrepreneurs can fall into those sneaky snares:

AI-spun clichés that radiate the emotion of – well – a robot

A fog of gobbledygook, heavy on fancy and stripped of substance

ALL-CAPS marketese desperate for a glance

Template-y shortcuts that clone your brand into the *nth* copycat

Plus, the drone of me-me spiels that would give even insomniacs the sleep of a lifetime.

To capture the spotlight, you don't need plugs’ n’ plays, fancy words, or hypey claims.

What do you need instead?


Copy that understands your customers so well, it joins them in their thoughts, gets their problems reframed, and lights up a path to their dream state.

That’s the spark that lifts you above the blob of sleazy tricks, empty noise, and inflated hype - straight into hearts and minds.

man with lightbulb over his head

Lighting it up for your brand?

That’s my jam.

Nur Saeed | Copywriter

Hey there! I’m Nur.

My name means 'light' in Arabic, and coincidentally, 'only' in German — but let’s focus on the light 😂

In a crowded room, I don't typically hold the spotlight (blame my *ahem* introvert vibes). But behind the scenes I'm the one cranking up the wattage on your words so we're sure your business does.

With years of experience strategizing copy for coaches, course creators, and e-commerce brands, I'm ready to make you sparkle in your customers' minds – brighter than an 80’s club neon sign.

Discover Lightbulb Copy 💡


Lightbulb copy...

Cuts through the fog and makes your message pop *so your customers get who you are, what you do and how life gets brighter with you*

Holds your products up to the light, revealing the value hidden from sight

Plugs your offer into people's desires and inner reasons to buy

Sets you apart as a dazzling stranger to the gloomy blob of online sameness

3 Ways I trigger the 'AHAs'


Ads, emails or landing pages that don’t hit the mark? Need to lift sales, clicks and sign-ups -- fast? Let's brighten things up!

Get my eyes on your copy to spotlight smart tweaks for huge conversion sparks.


Focused messaging that gets in your audience’s head, then guides them through discovering, trusting and choosing YOU: The One who nails their wants, solves their pains and gets them results.


The trust-building asset that turns casual browsers into avid buyers. Discover how putting yourself in your emails -- with unique, engaging stories to tell -- hands you a surprisingly simple, feel-good way to sell.

Aroushi Murthy

Collaborating with Nur on our Bootcamp launch was fantastic. Nur consistently impressed us with her responsiveness, strict adherence to deadlines, and diligent efforts to understand our goals and audience.


Throughout the project, she provided insights that elevated our campaign. She even went beyond the initial scope by delivering two additional emails tailored to engage our target audience effectively.


Thanks to Nur, the Bootcamp launch has been a great success, exceeding our sales expectations. 

Aroushi Murthy, Nas Academy

Make your customers' journey to the BUY an effortless slide.
Zero fluff, sleaze or hype.

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