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Let’s get up close, shall we?

girl with book

My affair with words started way before I knew what copywriting was. Picture me, a little kid holding her Sailor Moon pen, swirling it into scribbles – 


– trying to mirror the magic written worlds sparked all around me.


In novels and stories, they let me see life through new pairs of eyes. From street billboards, they'd grab my attention with witty punchlines. And those lengthy notes I'd sneak to my classmates? Each was a mini-mission to win over new friends.


Matched with my love for words was a geeky curiosity for human psychology. No personality quirk or cryptic behavior could escape the thralls of my *mildly* obsessive analysis.

You'd think with this background, my path to copywriting
was straight, as clear as day.

Well…not exactly.

In fact, throughout my 20s, it looked more like
a murky maze.

By the age of 30, my CV was more patchy
than a patchwork...

Done advocacy work for renowned NGOs...

Gone around digging up stories for my journalism courses… 

...All while living out of a suitcase, bouncing from place to place.

Dabbled in social selling for a scaling startup…

Tamed the urges of hangry customers in busy restaurants...

Then, 3 years ago, while looking for my ‘life switch,’

I met Aaron, a copywriter.

Aaron, copywriter

Quickly, we clicked. Aaron seemed to have an X-ray vision into my quirks:

My knack for tapping into emotions. 

My obsession with psychology & research.

My love for vivid words.

The guy could see it all.

I worked with Nur on dozens of campaigns, funnels, and projects. During that time she consistently cut cost per leads in half and even thirds on my client’s campaigns across a variety of niches, as well as increased conversions and opt-in rates well into the double-digit %’s.


 She's brilliant not just in her copywriting, but in her ability to examine a funnel from beginning to end, find and plug the holes of missed opportunities, and improve overall performance.


Aaron Nelson, Red Sea Marketing

One day, he asked me a question that would change everything:


“Ever thought about copywriting, Nur? I think you’d be good at it."

Girl with a spark

Aaron didn't just toss this idea into the air and walk away. Nope. He took me under his wing. And — holy guacamole! — got me to work with him.

While building funnels for course creators and personality-based brands, I started grasping the nuances of persuasive writing…

The formulas behind hooks and headlines, with their make-it-or-break-it stakes…

The art of framing a non-salesy sale…

How to tie a personal story with a CTA.

The deeper I went, the more lightbulbs flipped on in my maze.

To the point where the path I was on made total sense.

Untitled design (12).png

Looking back, my 'patchwork' CV paid off in mind-blowing ways.

From digging up untold stories, to engaging prospects on socials, to grasping the needs of picky diners, every experience has shaped me into the copywriter I am today.

It’s these skills – plus years of strategizing messaging in the online space – that I bring to Lightbulb copy. 


Whether it's injecting sparks into your words, crafting a sales page, or engineering launch emails, I use my empathy, research, and storytelling to guide customers past their doubts and through their desires...


...up to that moment where it all clicks into place.

Julius Urbanavicius, entrepreneur
Working with Nur has been nothing short of amazing – for both our agency and our clients. Her ability to nail the right message every time shines through in her writing. She dives deep with her research, truly getting to the heart of our target audience, and finds just the right words to tap into their desires."

Julius Urbanavicius, Enflow Digital

How Lightbulb Copy Hits The Right Spots In One Shot

Spotlight brand brilliance

—Lightbulb copy captures the core of your brand – your inimitable story, voice and flair - and shows it to customers in a way that matters to them. The result? They'll see you as a trusted friend -- and a dazzling stranger to the murky blob of online sameness.

Show, don’t shove

— Forget force-fed pitches that turn them off faster than a flicked switch. Or weak CTAs that flicker out and derail the sale. Lightbulb copy smoothly ties their desires to your offer, so that buying from you feels like the obvious next step.

Dial in to your audience's needs

— Targeted messaging, not vague mush, grips buyers tight. That's why my words don't scatter aimlessly like diffused light. They  zoom in and go deep — peeling off doubts and honing on wants with the sharpness of a laser beam.

Write like a human

— Elevate, supercharge, and level up? Let’s toss out buzzwords, corporate speak, and lazy marketese: your customers don’t talk like that. We draw them in with pictures they can touch, smell and feel — using language they actually speak.

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