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AI Course Sales Page 

Nas Academy offers online courses in digital storytelling, video-making, and artificial intelligence to a global audience, including startup founders, executives, and creatives. Known for building supportive learning communities, its offerings appeal to a wide range of students.

The approach

A sales page that reflects Nas approachable tone and resonates with its diverse buyer personas.

Design -- A sleek layout that blends small sections with captivating visuals. Image carousels, eye-popping icons and bold CTA buttons lead the eye through a dynamic display that fits and lifts the copy throughout the page.


Copy -- Tight and crisp, it balances the need to keep up with AI with the warmth of Nas Academy’s community. Eye-catching headlines and bullets grab the attention of quick action takers, while expandable sections and FAQs speak to prospects eager for a deeper dive. We also outlined clear qualifiers and refund conditions to facilitate self-selection for the ideal students.


Message -- At Nas Academy, mastering AI doesn’t mean losing your human touch. It's about amplifying your unique strengths in creativity, strategy, and innovation. With hands-on training and 1:1 support from world-class experts, you’re just 8 weeks away from generating original content in a fraction of the time, while closing deals with newfound ease.

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